Kerry throw it right back to 1984 with new retro-inspired jersey 1 week ago

Kerry throw it right back to 1984 with new retro-inspired jersey

An almighty throwback.

Kerry have released their new jersey for the 2024 season, and it's retro-style inspired by the 1984 team will make it a popular choice with the fans.


The two obvious changes in the kit are the collar and the sleeve, as they are both white, as opposed to yellow or green, separating it from the rest of the jersey and giving it that distinct '80s look.

Much like jerseys in the modern era, they were very fitted and tight back in that period, particularly around the arms and chest, so you can at least show off the gun show while supporting The Kingdom.

It seems that proper collars are no longer in fashion with the Munster side, as they used to always sport one throughout the 2000s and even 2010s, with Tyrone taking on a similar look.


According to the Kerry GAA website, the kit was specifically designed to try and combined vintage elements to the modern era.

With this jersey, the classic green and gold colours have a deeper tone to intensify the importance and significance of these colours to the people of Kerry.


Embracing the tradition of teams from years goneby and building on their success, ambition and glory, this jersey is deeply rooted in the jersey of the 1984 All Ireland winning Kerry team who paved the way for so many more to follow.

This statement piece of combining the vintage elements with modern characteristics embodies the message of Kerry GAA – always building on tradition when moulding future vision.

Last year's All-Ireland finalists will be hoping that the new jersey brings them some good luck heading into the 2024 season as they attempt to wrestle their crown back from Dublin next year.

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