Katy Perry gives Joe Canning bragging rights over Bernard Brogan 6 years ago

Katy Perry gives Joe Canning bragging rights over Bernard Brogan

There's always one loser in this classic game.

Pop superstar Katy Perry was recently put on the spot by a floppy-haired RTE presenter to decide who she would rather snog, marry and avoid between three Irish lads she had never heard of or seen before. As luck would have it, the three options presented to the songstress were Ireland rugby star Rob Kearney, Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan and Galway hurler Joe Canning.


Unhappy with the terms, Perry rewrote the rulebook for this one, citing the fact that she couldn't actually converse with any of the options as a huge obstacle. So instead, the game became, 'kiss, fuck or trash.'

That old classic!

We know what you're thinking, this is a one-horse race. Surely, the most handsome man in Irish rugby since Shane Byrne hung up his boots for good would walk this one. But, what everyone always seems to forget is that David actually beat Goliath.

On this occasion, however, Goliath steamrolled the competition as Perry decided in a matter of seconds that she would rather have sex with Kearney than the other two.


Canning was a content runner-up though, as Perry made it clear that she would rather shift him than the Dublin footballer.

He couldn't help but rub Brogan's face in it.