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29th Jan 2015

Karl Lacey selects his Donegal dream XV of past and present team mates

A couple of big exclusions

Conan Doherty

Another clinker of a side.

Who’d win a game: Darran O’Sullivan’s Kerry dream team or Karl Lacey’s Donegal select?

The four-time All-Star recipient put together his best 15 from the hills for SportsJOE and came up with this cracking outfit. But there was no room for the likes of Kevin Cassidy in a team that combined the best of the best of Lacey’s team mates over the last decade.

Although initially he didn’t want to put himself at corner back, the Four Masters man sucked it up to ensure Barry Monaghan’s place at number six and he made room for his fellow Sky Sports athlete mentor, Christy Toye, because, “he’s not too far from me, that’s the only reason!”

In typical Donegal style though, the full forward line is bloody brilliant and never in the history of picking dream teams has anyone rattled out three players as quickly as Lacey did with his numbers 13, 14 and 15. He did make apologies to Brendan Devenney who was close but it’s hard to argue with the three he went for inside.

A general view of the pitch in Croke Park 20/2/2006

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