Jonny Cooper sticks it to the government over plan that will rip the heart and soul out of his club 4 years ago

Jonny Cooper sticks it to the government over plan that will rip the heart and soul out of his club

And with good reason too.

Just imagine the damage this will do the community. Just stop for one second and think about the youngsters, the parents and the players. Let's just think about Na Fianna GAA Club .


The North Dublin club found out on Thursday afternoon that their main pitch along with two of their all-weather pitches would be taken over as part of the Metro Link construction due to start in the year 2020.

They will lose the use of their grounds for a minimum of three years but that will more than likely stretch to six years.

Na Fianna GAA club are one of the largest in the country. They engage players and communities in Drumcondra in Glasnevin, in Ballymun and further afield. They have over 3500 members and have loads of teams training there every single night of the week.

The Mobhi Road pitches are a beating heart to this community, to this family. Aside from being a top class facility for training and for games, the pitch is a means of escape for youngsters and adults alike for recreational activities. It's their home.


On top of this, the club will lose revenue from activities that take place in their clubhouse.

That is now all being threatened by a hugely irresponsible and neglectful government plan that was pitched at them with less than 48 hours notice and totally out of the blue.

Jonny Cooper is a member of Na Fianna GAA Club. The Dublin corner back spoke for droves of north Dublin with his dismay and outrage at the plan itself, the lack of consultation and the sheer carelessness of the whole situation.


It's more than just a GAA club.


Na Fianna aren't the only club victimised by these plans. Home Farm Football Club will also lose the use of their grounds for a similar time period as part of the €3 billion Metrolink project.

What are they supposed to do in the meantime? Watch young, enthusiastic players fall away from the game because they've nowhere to play?

The club's chairman Cormac Ó Donnchú wrote of his regret and sadness at "having the heart and soul of our Club ripped out."

What a regretful situation.