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28th Sep 2017

Jim Gavin doesn’t get enough credit for key reason to Dublin success

What a manager

Darragh Culhane


There’s no doubting his credentials

Jim Gavin may have done the unthinkable, he’s surpassed Kevin Heffernan as the greatest manager to be over the Boys in Blue.

An All-Ireland title in 2013 and then just a small thing of three in a row is a not so shabby achievement.

There’s plenty of criticism surrounding Gavin, not about his managerial ability but because he seems like a closed personality.

The Dublin camp’s media interaction is limited and Gavin himself never gives much away to members of the press.

But there’s a reason, there’s a reason behind everything Jim Gavin does whether it be being quiet with the media or dropping big players. He always has the best interests of the team first.

Cian O’Sullivan gave SportsJOE an insight into the personality of Jim Gavin when attending the launch of the #AllIrelandSmiles campaign for Sensodyne and Corsodyl:

“Jim’s success as a manager speaks for itself and it is no surprise the success he has had at under 21 level and at senior level with this team, he’s an incredible manager,” O’Sullivan said.

“He probably doesn’t show much emotion to the fans to the media for people watching games at home but that’s just the way he is, he’s very calm and collective individual and that is how he goes about his business.

“The key strength and thing I admire most about him is that it’s all about the team, every decision that he makes is for the betterment of the team, he is really passionate about Dublin football and Dublin GAA and he wants Dublin to be in the best position that they can possibly be and that’s the basis for all his decisions and he’s ruthless for ensuring that.

“When you know that’s what you get from him you can respect that all decisions he makes is not to go after the limelight or boost his ego, it’s not about him at all.

“It’s about the players and it’s about the success of Dublin football and building on that legacy of the great 1970’s and 1980’s team that Dublin had and make us the best team that possibly can be and when you know that is where your manager is coming from, the trust and the loyalty that he brings that breathes into the rest of the squad and it’s amazing.

“He’s a top, top manager strategically and tactically and all that stuff he’s very impressive as well so there’s no surprises that he’s brought this team to where they’re at over the last couple of years.”

Dublin’s Cian O’Sullivan and Kerry’s Paul Geaney were on hand today to launch the #AllIrelandSmiles campaign for Sensodyne and Corsodyl.

With October being the smiliest month of the year, Sensodyne and Corsodyl have teamed up to find out which county is the smiliest county in Ireland and to offer one lucky participant a chance to win €5,000. To enter, participants have to upload a selfie showing off their smile to social media using #AllIrelandSmiles and tell us what they love about their county and why.


Jim Gavin