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25th Apr 2023

Jamie Clarke addresses Armagh retirement rumours as good form continues for Crossmaglen

Lee Costello

Jamie Clarke

“I’m not sure if it will be this year.”

Jamie Clarke has opened up about his return to Crossmaglen, quitting soccer to focus on GAA, and whether or not he will play for Armagh again.

Clarke has been playing for both club and county since he was a teenager, but now in the latter stages of his career, the sharp shooter wants to make the most of it.

Last year he returned home from his travels to help guide Crossmaglen back to glory with a county championship, and enjoyed playing soccer at a decent level with Newry.

Jamie Clarke

Many Armagh fans were hoping to see him come back into the fold at county level, but we are yet to see him return in that orange jersey, for now anyway.

Speaking exclusively on the GAA Hour podcast, Clarke has revealed that his inter-county career might not be over just yet.

“Who knows? I’m not sure if it will be this year. It’s one of these things, if the door is open at some stage and I’m still knocking about, putting in the work, maybe down the line, who knows?

Jamie Clarke

“It’s Crossmaglen’s gain now so I’ll just focus on them and focus on getting the county (title) back this year.”

In terms of playing soccer, Clarke reveals that he has made the decision to step away from the sport and give his full focus to the club.

“I finished up in January with Newry. It was a case of wanting a full wrap with the club. Anthony Cunningham had come in as the manager, and just to be there for pre-season.

“To get a full season, and commit, is something that I wanted to do. Luckily Newry just stayed up in the Premiership, they got a 2-2 draw on Saturday so they are there for another year.”

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