"I'd play 18 holes of Pitch n Putt" - Jack O'Shea's All-Ireland final prep pure class 7 months ago

"I'd play 18 holes of Pitch n Putt" - Jack O'Shea's All-Ireland final prep pure class

Jack O'Shea never forgot the dreams he used have.

Following out the band, standing for the parade, playing in an All-Ireland final. The stuff of fantasy.

He won seven of them by the end of a decorated career but all the way through he never once forgot how lucky he was.

And while some players would be crippled by the pressure that comes with All-Ireland final hype and build-up, the man from Cahersiveen relished every moment of it.

The training ramping up, the hype building, the journey to Dublin. This was what he dreamed about and he was sure as hell going to soak it all in. The night before he'd go to bed late, the morning after he'd be one of the first Kerry men up.

The 61-year-old told all about his unique pre All-Ireland final routine on Thursday night's GAA Hour live from Liberty Hall.

"Individuals are all different. I used to play Pitch 'n' Putt the Sunday morning of the All-Ireland. That's how I'd spend my morning leading up to the All-Ireland," he said to huge laughter from the crowd.


"Every All-Ireland final I played in, I played Pitch 'n' Putt that morning. I'd be one of the last to go to bed, I'd be the first up and I'd go down to Malahide and play 18 holes of Pitch 'n' Putt. A couple of the subs would come with me. Drive my own car back to Croke Park then and watch the first half of the minor match. I'd come back and have a sandwich and then back into the dressing room. I loved the dressing room, I loved the whole thing..."

"We were fortunate enough, I'll put it to you this way. On Sunday, 30 people will go out behind the Artane band. That's the ambition of any young kid, any Gaelic footballer. That is unique.

"If you were down in Kerry, you'd have no chance of winning an All-Ireland, you're up in Dublin - you have a chance. That's where county players want to be. That's unique, that sensation never leaves you..."


You can listen to the GAA Hour live at Liberty Hall here.