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18th Nov 2014

GRAPHIC: Very interesting stats show who was the most efficient scorer in Gaelic football this year

For once, Cillian O'Connor doesn't head the listings

Sean Nolan

We’re a sucker for some good stats and these are crackers.

The GAA world is rapidly catching up when it comes to better statistical analysis of Gaelic games. Folks like @dontfoul, @AnalysisGAA and @gaelicstats have been doing trojan work for a while now and it is the latter that has produced a fine piece of work today.

Rob Carroll have taken the time to calculate the most effficient scorers in the 2014 season by cross referencing their scores with the number of minutes played. It isn’t perfect by any means, as Rob points out in is blog post, but the raw numbers do give a deeper insight than just the simple top scorers charts we all know so well.

Here is the top scorers chart for 2014

Scorers chart 1

And here it is per minute of play, which sees Mayo Cillian O’Connor usurped at the top by Fermanagh’s Sean Quigley.

Top scorers GAA 2

As you might expect, some big names do prove they are the real deal while someone like Michael Newman, who notched up 20 points in three games, gets some overdue credit too.

For more on the data, and all of Rob’s work, check out Gaelic Stats

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