All of the latest in GAA managerial vacancies and appointments 3 months ago

All of the latest in GAA managerial vacancies and appointments

All of the latest on GAA managerial news is right here.

It's that time of the year where managers resign, get re-appointed or replaced, and in the GAA world, it can be hard to keep up with it all.


Already the biggest news on the managerial front has been Donegal's appointment of Jim McGuinness, a surprising move considering that his last term in management was back in 2014 and he's been coaching in soccer ever since.

Of course there are loads more appointments made and to be made, so you can follow everything on our liveblog right here: (may take a minute to load)


There are still some big jobs up for grabs, and with pre-season for inter-county players just around the corner, these roles will be filled sooner rather than later.

The biggest one is probably Derry who had to replace Rory Gallagher in the middle of their season with Ciaran Meenagh, but the interim boss has yet to confirm whether or not he is staying on.

There are several potential candidates for the job, including Malachy O'Rourke who has had such a successful spell at Watty Graham's Glen, winning back to back Derry titles, an Ulster title and reaching the All-Ireland club final.


However, given how well Meenagh did when he took on the responsibility last season, he is still the most likely to be appointed as permanent boss.

Cavan have replaced Mickey Graham with Raymond Galligan, the current keeper and captain of the team.

Appointments and news so far:

Donegal - Jim McGuinness


Tyrone - New three-year term for Brian Dooher and Feargal Logan

Armagh - Extended year for Kieran McGeeney but unlikely that Kieran Donaghy will stay

Kildare - Glenn Ryan confirmed to remain in charge

Limerick - Jimmy Lee

Offaly - Declan Kelly set to be Offaly manager


Cavan - Raymond Galligan

Derry - Vacant

Loais - Vacant

Longford - Paddy Christie confirmed to stay on as manager

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