"We're out a fortune buying stuff" - Tiernan on the famous McCann hair 11 months ago

"We're out a fortune buying stuff" - Tiernan on the famous McCann hair

The McCann brothers Tiernan and Conall are famed for having the slickest hairstyles in the game.

Sometimes, players receive abuse for caring too much about appearance and shaping on the GAA field. It's an easy way of targeting a player. You can call him soft, you can call him a 'wuss,' or whatever you want.

The way the game, and the way life has gone now, that's the way the majority of players are.

There are so many ways for a player to look good on the pitch nowadays, there are so many outlets to make yourself look slick, that almost every player is buying into it, and why wouldn't they?

Tiernan McCann was on The GAA Hour Football Show on Monday, and he spoke about the stick that comes the way of him and his brother Conell for their hairstyles.

McCann feels that the attention they get for their hairstyles is excessive, because all players, even those you wouldn't expect to, such as Ronan O'Neill, or Michael Cassidy, are into looking good on the pitch.

"We (Him and his brother Conall) usually get slagged about it. Is that not a common thing with young lads? You know, five years ago you just went for the Crew Cut. Nowadays everybody gets fresh haircuts. Me and Conall obviously get a lot of stick, but there are loads of boys, like Ryan Johnston's was fresh yesterday, and there are loads of Tyrone boys that have fresh fades on the go. The likes of Ronan O'Neill and Mark Bradley there, even Michael Cassidy, he would've been a two all-over man for years, our goalie, he got a fade and a wee line on the side and all. You get a bit of a crop fade yourself, do you, Wooly?"

Host Colm Parkinson and Tyrone's dynamic wing back then had a fascinating back and forth on hair.


"I do, yeah, I get the bit of a fade, I always had long hair. This fade thing is all new to me," said Parkinson.

"We're out a fortune buying stuff, he grew his hair there for about nine months and I think he (Conell) was told that he couldn't go on a date with a girl until he cut his hair. So he got it cut. He put a bit of blonde in it too. That's why his is so out there at the minute," replied McCann.

"Usually longer hair doesn't suit Gaelic football players because it would be in your eyes, but he's got it slicked back so much that it's not moving anywhere," noticed Wooly.

"Aye, he was going for your style I think, he got a lot of stick after the Derry game, for looking like John Travolta and then he got it cut again," said the Tyrone man.

Whether you like or not, fresh fades are here, and they're here to stay.

You can listen to the hair discussion from 34"00', and much more from Monday's GAA Hour right here.



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