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22nd Oct 2015

Forget the east coast of America, they’re playing GAA for bloody PE in Seattle high schools

Taking over

Conan Doherty

The rise is real.

The GAA is taking over the world and you better believe it.

We know of its progressive success in America. We know of its popularity in Australia and New Zealand and we’re all well aware of the pockets of the game all over Europe and beyond.

But it’s hard to believe just how deeply the GAA has been ingrained in the culture of certain parts of the globe. Places we wouldn’t have even thought.

In Seattle, it is the real deal.

And we don’t just mean for ex-Pats getting together for a kick-around. We don’t just mean for a few teams that might’ve started in the state of Washington.

We mean for natives of the place. Proper Americans, growing up in the schools, playing GAA for PE. Learning GAA at school.

In seven Seattle High Schools, our national sport is on the curriculum.

They might not have posts above the crossbar when they’re using the soccer goals, or nets below the crossbar when they’re using the American Football posts but sure we’ve all trained with worse. They’re learning the proper way.

Besides, they don’t need goals at all if they’re going to be proper GAA men and women…

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