Even the referee praised in brilliant Davy Fitzgerald interview 5 months ago

Even the referee praised in brilliant Davy Fitzgerald interview

You have to enjoy Davy Fitzgerald.

You can dislike him, you can criticise his pettiness, his temper and you can give out about so many other things too. But there's something about the man's passion for hurling that just can't be ignored.

There's something brilliant about it.

A Saturday night in June and the Leinster championship was causing palpitations all around the province. Hearts went out to the notoriously excitable Davy Fitzgerald, afterwards, the man himself admitted that it wasn't good for the ticker.

But he comes out fighting, he comes out with passion, with purpose, with conviction and he comes out backing his team. Watching a post-match interview like the one he did with Sky Sports must be brilliant for the men of Wexford.

His belief in them is unflinching.

"I'm extremely proud of my guys," he began.

And then the referee came in for some praise some praise.

So did Kilkenny, so did the game. This man loves hurling.

There was nothing in that game today, the hits and the tackles out there. Even to the referee, I thought he let the game flow, which was amazing and is a very hard one to referee, I thought he did really one.

"I'm just delighted to be back in a Leinster final, I think we 100% deserve to be there.

"That's hurling, with two minutes to go we were out, the thing I love about hurling though is that you stay with it and you stay going and the chance presents itself, I think we took it!"