Dundalk IT's 1988 commemorative jersey is a thing of beauty 6 years ago

Dundalk IT's 1988 commemorative jersey is a thing of beauty

Just when you thought jersey season was over, Sigerson Cup teams get back into training.

Dundalk IT have returned to the big time after an eight-year absence and, by Jesus, they're heading there in some style. Literally.


The Trench Cup champions will be competing in the 2017/18 Sigerson Cup under the steady hands of Oisin McConville and Shane Lennon but their new kit is a nod back to 30 years ago.

We get it, okay - we do get it. You're looking at that kit from last year thinking it's pretty nice as it is - where could it really go from there on top of that? You're right in a way but you're stupid to ask that question too because you can bet your arse it went to places you wouldn't even dream of.

The new DkIT outfit, a lovely royal blue and yellow and white, is simplicity at its best and it's also nostalgia at its most beautifully delightful. For God's sake it even has the Guaranteed Irish logo on it.


To model the bad boy, the college side has reeled out stars of Louth, Cavan and Monaghan and they're sure as hell looking the part.

Niall Kearns

Look at it there.


Look at that colour. Look at those sleeves. Look at the old material and classic hooped stripe.

Just look at it.

Sam Mulroy


And if you think that's good, if you think that's retro, just wait 'til you see the goalkeeper jersey in all its old-fashioned glory.

Children of the 80s and 90s, goalkeepers everywhere, feast your eyes and marvel on this.

Joe O'Donoghue

Padded sleeves, funky design that thought it was before its time, just a gorgeous colour with the simplest of features.


Yep, the DkIT ones have nailed it.

It's very much a case of back to the future because, by going retro, Dundalk have led the way for what's to come.

It seemed like DCU's away jersey had set the standard. It seems like, now, we're going to have rethink some things.