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02nd Oct 2019

WATCH: Dublin GAA star Noelle Healy on joining a new club in Cork


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Despite being a “Dub through and through,” Noelle Healy has been togging out with Cork club Mourneabbey.

It takes an incredible amount of effort to make it to the top of any sport, even more so to stay there. Seldom is this more true than it is with the GAA, where peak athletes balance their professional lives with the game they love.

One of the most common road blocks is having to move away from home, loosening the ties with your local club. Getting to training during the week and matches at the weekend not only becomes challenging, but eventually it’s next to impossible.

Currently studying to become an anaesthetist, Noelle Healy moved down to Cork to work in its hospitals. While this meant she wouldn’t be able to train with her old club of St. Brigids GAA, it was never going to mean she’d let give up football altogether.

Rather than put the feet up and enjoy the extra free time, she joined up with Mourneabbey, a club based just outside Mallow. In other words, deep inside Rebel territory.

Being the dedicated athlete that she is, Noelle didn’t take long to fit in. As her adopted teammates are sure to agree, her being a Dub hasn’t made her any less committed to the cause.

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Brought to you by AIG Insurance