Donegal request meeting with the GAA to clarify why Dublin can play at Croke Park twice 3 years ago

Donegal request meeting with the GAA to clarify why Dublin can play at Croke Park twice

Donegal GAA have asked for a meeting with the GAA to seek clarification on how any county may use a ground as both a 'neutral' and 'home' venue.

This summer will see the introduction of the Super 8 series where the four provincial champions and the four winning teams from round four of the All-Ireland qualifiers play three games each in two groups of four teams during the months of July and August.


Each group consists of two provincial champions and the two losing finalists of the other two provinces or the team that beats them in round four of the qualifiers.

The two provincial champions meet and the two qualifiers meet in Croke Park in the first round. In phase two the round four qualifier teams have home advantage and the provincial winners are at home in phase three. Dublin, if they qualify, will also play their home game at Croke Park.

Dublin have been drawn alongside Donegal in the inaugural Super 8s and the Donegal County board want clarification from the GAA on how a team's home ground can also be considered as a supposed neutral venue.


Dublin have not lost a championship game at headquarters since the 2014 championship and Gaa Hour host Colm Parkinson wrote in his SportsJOE column on Tuesday that it's not fair that Dublin can play at Croke Park twice while every other team in the championship is permitted to just one home match.


"The decision to give Dublin, the best team in the country, two home games in the Super 8’s is shocking," wrote Parkinson.

"It’s a decision based on money and could not have been made in the interest of fairness to players, which all governing bodies should ensure for their competitions.

"Since Dublin started playing their home league games in Croke Park it’s just impossible to argue that it’s not their home ground. It’s their home ground for the league after all. Are we supposed to believe it’s not for the championship?

"They play in Croke Park more than any other county plays in their own home ground. It’s home advantage. That’s a fact."