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14th May 2017

Derry club wins what must be lowest scoring match ever after bizarre controversy

Conan Doherty

Goals win games.

Sometimes, a goal wins games.

One goal.

The results from Division One of the Derry football league are in and it was a tight affair in Glenullin at the home of the Bradley brothers where Loup got out alive with just one score separating the sides.

Glenullin 0-0 Loup 1-0

That is not a typo or a glitch. That is the final score.

SportsJOE understands that the hosts were not willing to play under the referee that took the field.

The match official, Declan O’Connor, was the same referee who was the victim of an assault by former Derry star Eoin Bradley in 2010 after a championship game involving Glenullin.

It is said that he was not supposed to be officiating games involving the club and his presence was met with protest by players refusing to play the game.

So the visitors – Loup, who won the championship last in 2009 – lined out but they took the field themselves.

Glenullin did not field but the referee threw the ball in anyway.

Loup scored a goal and proceeded to walk off the field having been awarded the victory – what else could you do with no-one to kick the ball out?

Derry GAA did not comment when contacted but it is a matter for the CCC once the referee’s report has been received.

Back in 2014, Crossmaglen won an Armagh championship game 1-8 to 0-0 as Dromintee fielded but refused to compete.

Those nine scores at least took eight minutes for Cross’ to amass before they broke into their own training session.

The match in Derry on Sunday is believed to have lasted all of 15 seconds.

We hope they didn’t take any money at the gate…

Or perhaps they did and offered a generous gesture to their visitors.

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