Your county's pre-season opener summed up in a single tweet 5 years ago

Your county's pre-season opener summed up in a single tweet

Can you feel it? That is the new GAA season clattering into our lives like mud-splattered bat out of hell.

It is only January so nobody is getting carried away but supporters are just happy to have something to fill that gap in their Sunday afternoons and players are probably happy to have something to train for - even if it is 60 minutes of half-paced football against a second string college team.


It is not often Tyrone are winless for a season, Leitrim have a 100 percent record and Laois are the dual kings, so let us savour a flavour of the reaction from around the country to that opening weekend.

Tyrone footballers - We are not going to dwell on this


Dublin footballers - First-team, experimental team. No matter, we're still classy.

Antrim hurlers - Fucking bring it on


Tipperary footballers - We preferred 2016


Kilkenny hurlers - We could not be bothered with this Walsh Cup shite. Retweet.

Cork footballers and hurlers - Let's get down to business


Donegal footballers - We lost the war but won the man of the match battle

Mayo footballers - We lost but the football's back, thank fuck the football is back

Laois footballers and hurlers - Stick a fork in 2017, we're done

Leitrim footballers - 18-point win, no biggie

Meath footballers - New era, this time it is going to be different