"His consistency for Tipperary over the years has been phenomenal" 1 month ago

"His consistency for Tipperary over the years has been phenomenal"

Captain by name. Captain by nature.

Conor Sweeney comes up trumps for Tipperary when it matters most. That's just a fact of life.

Through bad days and good, through wins and through losses, through the years and through the games, the sharpshooting Ballyporeen forward has consistently made big plays and kicked big scores for Tipperary. It's what he does.

You talk about leadership, you talk about laying down a marker in a game. What about Conor Sweeney kicking scores in the first minute of the first half of Sunday's Munster final and the first minute of the second, as if to say 'we're in this game. We have the momentum. What have you got?'

On The GAA Hour Show, Colm Parkinson and Cian Ward waxed lyrical about the Tipp talisman.

"It's very obvious the leadership role he plays within that squad," began Ward.

"His leadership in terms of getting vital scores when they need them and being the man that they deliver the ball to when they really need something to happen.


"That's what he's been for Tipperary for a number of years and his consistency for Tipperary over the years has been phenomenal, putting up big scores often times when Tipperary were under pressure and weren't getting the victories, he still always did very well.

"The quality of his movement and the timing of his movement was absolutely brilliant," continued Ward.

"Really patient, waiting until the right moment and then coming lively off the shoulder, getting the few yards on his man and then clipping lovely scores. What a fitting way for him, as the leader of the team and the captain, the guy who's been delivering for them all the time - putting in a performance like that when they did get over the line. It really was fantastic personally for him..."

"He scored some invaluable points. How many times do we see it in games when forwards win a ball down low and under pressure, they fumble it, make a bad pass or worse again, they drop it into the goalkeepers' hands. All of those things were bang on from Sweeney at key times in the game - certainly at the start of a final like that when you're the underdog - it's so important to get a bit of momentum and to give your team confidence."

Colm Parkinson was impressed by Sweeney, both on and off the field.

"What a satisfying feeling for Conor Sweeney to have been captain of the team and lift the cup for the first time in 85 years and to have been man of the match. You led by example, you were the best player on the field. Once before, I was man of the match in a county final as captain and while that's a much lower level than Conor Sweeney, I can only tell you the sense of satisfaction, that you've done your job as captain and the team has won...oh my God like that is special."

"Everything the man says seems to be completely sensible, completely natural too. Just a really natural fella and a brilliant leader."

"What an impressive individual he is."

You can listen to the GAA Hour Football Show with Colm Parkinson, Cian Ward and Conan Doherty here.