Conor Cox scores outrageous end-line point for Roscommon 2 years ago

Conor Cox scores outrageous end-line point for Roscommon

Roscommon forward Conor Cox is trying to keep his side's Connacht final hopes alive as the Rossies tempt to pry the provincial title back off Galway.

The two teams have contested the last three Connacht finals but there hasn't been many scores better in any of them than Cox's first-half effort from near the end line.


Cox chased down Enda Smith's crossfield pass before turning, shaking free of two defenders and popping the ball over the bar from the tightest of angles.

Smith said last month that the team have probably underperformed in recent years but that they just need to improve their consistency to improve.

“A lot has been said about underage in Roscommon. A lot has been said, but ultimately senior is where we want to deliver it and we haven’t probably delivered performance-wise definitely where we should be or where we think we could be.

“I know there’s different things there, there’s management and we’re losing players at an alarming rate every year, main players, which is tough to deal with when you’re a small county. We definitely feel we can compete and it is in us somewhere, but we just need to get that consistency there.”