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15th Jul 2023

Colm O’Rourke had everyone on Google after hilarious post-match interview

Lee Costello

Colm O'Rourke

“Nunc est bibendum.”

Colm O’Rourke was in fine form after Meath beat Down in the Tailteann Cup final, and his post-match interview had everyone jumping on Google.

In typical O’Rourke fashion, he couldn’t just describe how happy he was as you would expect a modern, mundane manager to do – he had to show off some literature.

After reciting a quote from the poet Horace, he could barely stop himself from laughing and challenging people to look it up if they didn’t know it.

“It’s great to look forward to training with a bunch of lads like that, and it will be great to look forward to tonight.

“As the poet Horace said after he was asked what he was going to do after Cleopatra was beaten by the Romans – ‘Nunc est bibendum.’

“All of the classical scholars all there will know what that means, and if they don’t, Jimmy Google will sort it out for them.”

Well, we did the work for you, and the translation is as follows: “Now is the time for drinking.”

Some people may have claimed that O’Rourke was too old school to become a manager of an inter-county team in the modern game, but after today’s win, and with a phrase like that, he might have started a new trend in Gaelic football.

It’s definitely a quote to keep in the back pocket the next time your team wins, or maybe whenever your bet is up.

As Peter Canavan said afterwards in the RT√Č studio: “It wouldn’t be like Colm to give us a history lecture” – but he certainly makes learning seem fun.

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