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02nd Jul 2017

Reaction to Colm Cooper’s bold fashion statement was very strong

Didn't go down well

Ben Kiely

colm cooper pink shirt

Everyone had something to say about Colm Cooper’s attire at the Munster final.

Paul Galvin’s throne as Kerry’s most prominent fashionista is under no threat, but Colm Cooper is gaining some ground.

Cooper was part of the punditry team in Killarney for the Munster senior football championship final between the Kingdom and Cork. The thoughts, views and analysis he shared on RTE’s live broadcast of the game were overshadowed somewhat by his choice of attire.

The Gooch didn’t look like the archetype of the GAA star when he was dominating on the pitch as a player. It looks like this mentality has followed him into the broadcasting game.

In FitzGerald Stadium Killarney, the GAA legend opted to leave the jacket and tie at home. Instead he wore a pink shirt that quickly became the talk of Twitter.

Collar up, sleeves up, buttoned all the way to the top…

Colm Cooper

While a man wearing an unusual shirt may not seem like it would capture the imagination of GAA fans, the reaction from the good people on Twitter tells another story.

Most people seemed to agree that it wasn’t a very good shirt.