Cian O'Sullivan could be set for the rarest occurrence of his GAA career 6 months ago

Cian O'Sullivan could be set for the rarest occurrence of his GAA career

Could it really happen? Might someone actually get the better of Cian O'Sullivan this weekend?

The Kilmacud Crokes player has been a rock in the heart of a Dublin defence that has claimed five of the last seven All-Ireland titles.

He has skill, composure and brains in abundance. Cian O'Sullivan is a Rolls Royce of a defender, and is basically guaranteed to give you an eight out of ten performance every time he steps on the field.

The 30-year-old has been so consistently good, that we struggle to think of a player who has 'taken him to the cleaners' before.

On Thursday's GAA Hour  the lads discussed this weekend's All-Ireland semi finals. When discussing how the Dublin defence will match up with the Galway forwards Colm Parkinson highlighted the sheer class of O'Sullivan.

"Who has ever got the better of Cian O'Sullivan realistically? I can't remember anyone whose consistently got the better of him, you just don't do it."

It was at this point, Stevie McDonnell interjected with his take on who he believes could be just the man to put the pin to O'Sullivan's collar.

"Shane Walsh has the ability to really put him on his back foot and push him close. He definitely has the ability to put him on the back foot I think."

The former footballer of the year feels strongly that Walsh can be the man to wreak havoc on O'Sullivan, something so rarely seen in the modern game that some may not even believe it's possible.

Wooly agreed that the Galway star does have what it takes to threaten O'Sullivan given the rich vein of form he has shown recently, but it is a tough ask of any player.

"He has that game, Shane Walsh was outstanding in the Connacht final, outstanding against Kildare, against Kerry, he's in good form, the confidence is there, but he needs to stand up."

Is Walsh the man that can finally give Cian O'Sullivan the run around in Croke Park?

Stevie McDonnell definitely seems to think so and the Armagh legend knows a thing or two about quality forward play.

If Galway are to beat Dublin this weekend, then they will need to nullify O'Sullivan by dragging him around the pitch from wing to wing. Walsh is definitely the type of player suited to this role. His pace, ability and flair should be able to trouble the Dublin star.

The only issue is do we see the Shane Walsh that tormented Roscommon in the Connacht final, or the Shane Walsh (and Galway) that failed to show up against Monaghan. Only time will tell.

We wait in anticipation to see what way the teams will line out on Saturday.