Cayman Islands the most exotic place to watch today's All-Ireland final 4 years ago

Cayman Islands the most exotic place to watch today's All-Ireland final

Ireland has some of the highest emigration figures worldwide, so it's great that we have GAAGO.

For years Irish men and women have been leaving these shores behind for pastures new, more than likely for some exotic land somewhere.


Leaving Ireland behind usually means leaving behind Irish culture for the most part.

Barry's tea is no more. Sunday Mass is non-existant, and the GAA season is nigh on impossible to keep up with.

Living abroad means there is no Sunday Game to keep us occupied when we are feeling a bit fragile after some Saturday night stouts. (Good stout is another thing we leave behind).

In 2014, the streaming service GAAGO was launched, giving expats a chance to keep up to date with their respective counties.


Today of all days though is when the streaming service is at its absolute best.

All-Ireland final day is that one day of the year where everyone wants to be at home, soaking up the atmosphere whether in Croke Park, your local club, or your resident boozer, it is an important day for Gaels all around the world.


For Irish men and women living abroad the website provides an excellent platform to create their own special atmosphere on All-Ireland final day.

From California to Qatar, folks were watching Dublin complete the 4-in-a-row all around the world.

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