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12th Oct 2022

The most bizarre goal ever was scored in the Armagh senior championship

Lee Costello

It almost felt like it shouldn’t have counted.

The most bizarre goal was scored last weekend in the Armagh senior championship tie between Granemore and Killeavy St Moninna.

The semi-final had already been a tense affair, with Granemore leading by a single point, 0-08 to 0-07, when on the 57th minute, the almost unexplainable happened.

Granemore’s Marty Carr takes a long range effort that looks almost straight away as though it would be going wide of the posts.

With a point down and the clock ticking, the Killeavy goalkeeper abandoned his position and vacated the nets to retrieve another ball so he could get the kick-out as quickly as possible.

However, while the keeper was retrieving the new ball, the original shot which everyone had assumed was heading wide, dropped short, straight into the hands of the Granemore forward.

With no goalkeeper in sight and the nets at his mercy, he popped the ball home, and solidified the victory for his team.

They now face the daunting challenge of Crossmaglen in a few weeks time, but when luck finds you like it did on this day, you have to back them to have a chance against the Armagh giants.

Throughout the weekend we seen some incredible goals, but for sheer bizarreness, this one sits comfortably at the top of the pile.

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