'Get the story right' - World's fastest rugby player fires back at Bernard Brogan 5 years ago

'Get the story right' - World's fastest rugby player fires back at Bernard Brogan

Get this Sevens World Series craic over to Dublin, pronto.

Ireland were at Twickenham as an invitational side for the London leg of the HSBC World Series and they left with a brilliant bronze medal.


Having failed to qualify for the full series, the Irish were asked over to take part in a tournament featuring the likes of Fiji, England, New Zealand and many other nations that embraced Sevens rugby way before us.

The men in green did enough in the pool stages to reach the quarter finals and, once there, they upset a strong USA side. One of the highlights of that win was a scorcher from Buccaneers and Connacht flyer Jordan Conroy.


In razing the USA's semi-final hopes, Conroy left rugby's fastest player Carlin Isles in the starting blocks.

Isles has clocked 10.24 seconds over 100 metres and 4.22 seconds over 40 metres so Conroy leaving him in his wake was some feat. Indeed, the 24-year-old reached 36 kilometres per hour at top speed before he dotted down.

Of the myriad of stunned fans at TV viewers was Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan, who declared:

'Loving the Irish rugby 7’s! Hero in the Making Jordan Conroy skinning the Olympic sprinter Carlin Isles to beat USA. Brian O'Driscoll, can we get this to Ireland please!!'


That got a lot of love from enthused rugby fans but not from Isles, the skin-ee of Conroy's skinning.

The former All-American track and field star fired back:

'He didn’t skin me he took a good support line and off another runner that broke through. And I tried to catch him behind. Get the story right.'

Watching the clip of the Conroy try back, he did run a good support line but only after brushing off Isles' attempt to block his run. Once the Irish wing got the jump, he simply turned on the afterburners.


The rapid response from Isles to Brogan sparked a flurry of messages and Isles was told in no uncertain terms that he had been stitched up.

  • 'You got smoked'
  • 'Skinned bro'
  • 'Get up to the pace of the game, man'
  • 'You got roasted lad. Sit down on the grass'
  • 'Come on man, we all know your the fastest but he got ya fair and square'
  • IRISH FLAG EMOJIS (and lots of 'em)

In fairness to him, he responded to many of the comments but, as the saying goes, you'll never beat the Irish.

Well... Ireland were beaten by Fiji in the semis but defeated England to finish third and take the bronze medal. Roll on Tokyo 2020!