AIB GAA Club camogie: The Hurl of Honesty with Piltown and Lismore 8 years ago

AIB GAA Club camogie: The Hurl of Honesty with Piltown and Lismore

It's a local derby in Sunday's AIB GAA Club camogie intermediate final

Who's going to be shouting the loudest in the bowels of Croke Park this Sunday? Who's the stickiest marker at Lismore training? Who has been Piltown's Toughest opponent? We sat down with Shona Curran of Lismore and Laura Norris of Piltown ahead of Sunday's All-Ireland final and asked the toughest questions:


Shona Curran Lismore

Shona Curran of Lismore 23/2/2015

What's the buzz like ahead of Sunday

Everyone's looking forward to it. It's a long year but days like today, doing some of the media before it, makes it all the more exciting. We've a great town behind us and there was brilliant support all year and financially the backing of the town is great. Everyone's looking forward to the trip to Croker and hopefully the spin home with the cup.


What was the Toughest performance this year 

I suppose there has been so many. The county final was a tough game, we were lucky to get a win. And the Borrisoleigh game in the Munster semi was a very tough game on their home patch. Onto the Munster final against Sars was very tough and the All-Ireland semi really went down to the wire so they have all been tough to get here.

How tough have ye found going for two titles in a row

We went back into club league two weeks after last year's All-Ireland and there's been no real break.. We got new players onto the panel and you really have to gear yourself up again and you can't rest because that's when someone will catch you.


What was the Toughest part of the journey to the All-Ireland final

The bigger the game the easier it is to get back into the swing of training after a break. There's a long gap after the Munster final, 8-9 weeks, so it is tough to keep everyone interested. We're very lucky that we have a strong panel and there's great competition for places so you have to keep your eye in all the time. That's really been driving us on and it's not the worst thing in the world.

Who's the loudest in the dressing room:

There's a few at home that would say it's myself but we have great management and they don't roar or bawl at us and we have great leaders in the team. Shauna Kiernan rounding up the backs to Grainne Kennelly and Nicola Morrissey in the forwards.


Who's always moaning at training

There's a good few of them there as well. Kate Henegan would be used to whinging and moaning. She wouldn't be the best now at keeping it to herself. They're all great at training and and what's got us here is that kind of attitude towards it.

What's more important - belief or pure ability 

A bit of both. If I was to pick which is more important I suppose it's really 50/50. If you don't have the ability you can't have the belief to back it up but saying that it goes the other way too.

Who's the toughest person to mark in training


There's so many, but Niamh Ryan is a really sticky corner back and you get very little off her so when it's lining up one-on-one I try and give her the wide berth.

Sporting hero

We're lucky in the current era that there is so many. Katie Taylor and Niamh Briggs are two. It's great to see them getting a platform like that as well as camogie and hurling players. A few to pick from but I'd go for Katie. She does her business and there's no real fuss and wins as well to back it up.

Laura Norris Piltown

Laura Norris of Piltown 23/2/2015

Whats the buzz like ahead of Sunday

Ah it's a bit of a local derby so the village is excited now. Just a big build up to it now so hopefully we won't let it get to us. Just great excitement as we've never got this far before and like the last time we won was junior at adult level in 2008 so it's a big build up. There's loads of banners and bunting but you feel a bit of pressure but it's grand to have it around the village.

What was the Toughest performance this year 

We played Carlow side Myshall in the Leinster semi final and I thought that was one of our toughest matches. We really had to dig deep. We had Birr the week before and we were playing nearly every weekend after the county final and that gave us extra drive and match practice but Myshall put it up to us. Camross was also a very tough game.

What was the ambition at the start of the year

The way we approached it this season is that we got beaten in the county final last year by a single point after extra- time against Ballyhale who got to the All-Ireland against Lismore. We said if we win the county final this year that we'd be happy and everything else is a bonus. But then we saw our competitive streak and we got through to a Leinster quarter final. It was pushing harder and you never wanted to give up and go that extra step so when we won the Leinster final we were looking to Croke Park.

Who's the loudest in the dressing room

We all try to have our own little inputs during a session but I suppose Katie Power as well as Jim Malone aren't too shy.

Who's the worst trainer?

I think they've been all good, we've had Tony and Jim since we started so there is no slacking off. They are usually the last to leave training.

Who's the Toughest person to mark at training

Katie Power and Karen Duggan behind us really push us all on and they know what it's all about. Chloe Blackmore, Chloe Holden, they all make it hard at training if you're up against them. Kelly Anne Doyle, the little speed merchant, is one I dread seeing coming over for a training match.

What's more important - belief or pure ability 

I think belief is the main thing. If you work hard and give 110 per cent then it's nearly the hurling you have to overcome. I know you need talent on the team as well but a bit of both gets you a long way.

Sporting Idol

Tommy Walsh at wing back was a great hurler and you'd look up to him the way he played.

AIB All-Ireland Intermediate Camogie Club Championship Final Piltown (Kilkenny) v Lismore (Waterford) 1.30