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02nd Aug 2018

18 text messages every GAA manager has received


GAA messages

If a manager’s phone could talk. Or take screenshots.

It doesn’t feel so much like running a team as it does a daycare when you take over a GAA outfit. Every manager will tell you that.

The excuses that come through, the exchanges with players, complaints from members, they’d fill their own book.

Here are 18 messages that every GAA manager has received (at least these anyway).

1. The one teeing up an early training exit

text 1

2. The crafty corner back

text 4

3. The no explanation, no reply guy

He won’t be there. That’s all you need to know.

text 2

4. The one who keeps talking until something comes out

text 3

5. The one who’s being screwed over

text 5

6. The Junior B excuse

Not so much an excuse as it is a blunt heads up.

text 6

7. The bookworm

text 12

8. The guy with a girlfriend

text 7

9. The guy with a granny

text 8

10. The latecomer

text 9

11. The secretary

text 13

12. The parent

text 15

13. The one who’s always injured


14. The chancer

text 16

15. The arse-lick

text 17

16. The holidayer

text 11

17. This guy

text 10

18. The only man with a reasonable excuse

text 18

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