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28th May 2015

You’ll never guess the most transferred Premier League player on FIFA 15, literally never

Some surprising statistics

Darragh Murphy

What’s better than football statistics? Why, statistics about virtual football, of course.

To mark the end of the Premier League season, FIFA 15 have released some key stats from video game’s English league and there are a couple of surprises.

The top scorer, Diego Costa with a measly 56.5 million goals, mightn’t shock anyone but the fact that Man City’s 1884 home kit is one of the most traded kits has us baffled.

Chelsea v West Ham United - Premier League

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all, though, comes with the most transferred player who isn’t Sergio Aguero, Hazard or Yaya Toure but a certain Laurent Koscielny.

Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League

Say what?

Check out the full inphographic of the stats below.


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