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26th Oct 2015

York City invite manager applications, immediately get inundated with Football Manager heroes

Of course they did

Conan Doherty


York City should know better.

The League Two club have opened up their current manager’s job vacancy to the public and invited applications for the successor of Russ Wilcox.

But, this being a digital age and, let’s face it, the age of chancers and characters, the administrators at the club have a job on their hands to scour through all the phony applications from Football Manager and FIFA 16 kings.

It started with a feeler.

It began to tempt some people.

A ‘passionate local lad’ pens a heartfelt application.

A precocious teenager throws his hat into the ring.

But he soon learns that York’s standards are way below his.

This guy doesn’t do applications.

Judge me by my results.

A thinker of the game(r world).

Then, chaos ensues.

And so on and so on and so on and so on.

But if all that fails, the answer is simple…

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