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28th Aug 2021

Wigan fans observe minute’s applause for deceased pet duck called Keith

Wigan fans observed a minute's silence for a fan's recently deceased pet duck called Keith after some confusion on social media about who Keith was

Reuben Pinder

RIP Keith the duck

Wigan fans observed a minute’s applause for a fan’s recently deceased pet duck, Keith, after confusion on social media.

Keith’s passing was mentioned on Wigan fan Facebook groups, prompting messages of condolence to those close to him. Understandably, many assumed Keith was a match-going fan, namely Keith Valentine, who is currently living with lung cancer.

But it then transpired that the Keith who had passed was actually a pet duck.

One Wigan fan took it upon himself to apologise for any offence caused by the confusion on social media, tweeting “Oh my fucking God. I am truly sorry. There has been crossed wires. A friend said Keith was dead I assumed it was Keith Valentine, it was Daryl’s pet duck also called Keith. I am highly embarrassed, I hope this hasn’t caused any offence. Sorry again.”

Thankfully, the man who many believed had passed, took the confusion well and even thanked everyone who had expressed their condolences.

Keith Valentine wrote on Facebook: “I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for all your messages of sympathy and condolences, it’s nice to know just how much you all miss me.

“But I can reassure you that I’ve not popped my clogs just yet and my fight against lung cancer continues.”

Showing his brilliant sense of humour, he continued: “I must be the first person in history to get their messages of sympathy before I’ve even died.

“I blame Daryl, only he could have a pet duck named Keith.”

Daryl Ravden, the owner of the recently deceased duck, posted this photo on Twitter, saying: “Always had a smile on his face our Keith. Gunna miss him.”

But Wigan Athletic made sure to pay their respects to the duck anyway, as fans clapped for a minute before their game against Portsmouth kicked off.

Wigan won the game 1-0. A fitting tribute to Keith.