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04th Nov 2016

Wexford Youths get relegated, and people only want to talk about one thing


Robert Redmond

Wexford Youths have been relegated from the League of Ireland Premier Division.

Shane Keegan, who confirmed earlier today that would be leaving Wexford to become Galway manager, watched his side throw away a two goal advantage at on Friday night.

Wexford won the first-leg of their promotion/relegation play-off against Drogheda United on Monday 2-0, but suffered a collapse at United Park, losing 3-0 and 3-2 on aggregate.

Sean Brennan gave the home side the lead on the night just before half-time, Kevin Farragher made it level on aggregate after 58 minutes, before Sean Thornton scored from the spot with 11 minutes remaining.

Kevin Farragher celebrates scoring with his teammates 4/11/2016

Drogheda will play in the Premier Division next season, and Wexford return to the First Division after just one season in the top flight.

Most of the talk on Twitter centred around a player who wasn’t in attendance – Lee Chin.

The Wexford hurler signed a short-term amateur contract to help the team after several players left for New Zealand, and scored in the first-leg of the play-off earlier this week.

However, Chin opted to attend the All-Star ceremony in Dublin on Friday evening, where he was nominated for an All-Star award, rather than play the second leg of the tie, a decision that didn’t go down well with some.

“My agreement at the start when we first spoke was that I don’t want it to interfere with anything GAA related. And it just happens that this ended up clashing,” Chin told SportsJOE earlier this week.

He also isn’t exactly Lionel Messi, and has said himself that he is “one of those guys whose second touch would be a tackle.” So, it would be highly unfair to place any type of blame for Wexford’s defeat on the shoulders of Chin.

However, he was, inevitably, the talk of Twitter following the defeat.

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