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30th Jul 2018

Watch: Zlatan Ibrahimovic nets his first hat-trick in the MLS

Jack O'Toole

Los Angeles Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored his first hat-trick in the MLS after helping the Galaxy to a 4-3 win over Orlando City on Sunday.

Ibrahimovic has scored 15 goals in 17 games so far for his new club this season as he moves to second on the MLS’ leading goalscorers list behind Josef Martínez.

The Galaxy currently sit in third place in the Western Conference and Galaxy manager Sigi Schmid said that the MLS has never had a forward like Ibrahimovic.

“He’s the most physically imposing player this league has ever had at forward,” Schmid told the club’s website.

“You go all the way back to the old days, and you talk about Mamadou Diallo and some people like that who were physically beasts and big guys and had a little bit of pace.

“When [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic posts up, it’s like Shaquille O’Neal or people like that; you just don’t move them. And, what we’ve learned as a team is that we’ve tried to take advantage of that.”

Ibrahimovic said that he feels like he’s in great shape and that fans should not worry about his age until he shows signs of slowing down.

“Please don’t say it like that. You make me feel alive now,” he said when asked if, at this moment, he feels like he could do anything. “I will ask for more so don’t do that. I feel good.

“My teammates are helping me. Like I said last week, physically I feel good. I’m training good. I don’t miss one training. I’m playing all the games. I have a good balance. I take care of my body.

“My age is what it is; I’m still proving even if my age what it is, I’m still proving that it’s not about the age.

“It’s about how you prepare and how you take care of yourself. People were worried how old I am. But don’t worry about my age. You should worry when I slow down.”