WATCH: A night in the life of Real Madrid's Pepe and his disgusting antics 7 years ago

WATCH: A night in the life of Real Madrid's Pepe and his disgusting antics

Since when was winning not enough?

Playing hard, not enough?


You have to wonder what goes through Pepe's head. Apart from those bullets that seem to hit him every five seconds.

Does he have such little confidence in the ability of his team mates that he has to constantly try to get opponents sent off? Does he have such little respect for his peers, for the game, or for himself that he has to pretend to be hit in the face every time someone even glances in his direction?

Real Madrid won their 11th Champions League title on Saturday night but, whoever you were supporting, surely you weren't even willing to at least turn a blind eye to Pepe and the sickening way with which he carried himself in Milan.

What's worse is that it was just business as usual for the Portuguese man. Sad, pathetic business.


Either Filipe Luis is checking on him or he's stamping on Pepe's face while the Madrid man is on the ground. Hard to tell.

Either Yannick Carrasco just shot Pepe in the face with a cannon, or Pepe is exaggerating.

Big, tough, fierce defender. And Pepe.


Thankfully, Mark Clattenburg couldn't have given less of a f**k.

And, naturally, the defender got no sympathy anywhere. Even with all those snipers and mosquitoes swarming around him.


As if he wasn't bad enough, he was running around with a bloody selfie stick after the game.


His Twitter account was sought out though and feelings were aired directly to his social media face - NOT THE FACE!

This was a ballsy move...

Yep, that's what we thought.



The backlash begins.


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