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18th Jun 2016

WATCH: Nobody in Bordeaux partied as much as Matt Holland last night


Patrick McCarry

Holland is the latest balcony darling of the travelling Irish fans.

14 years since he gave us all hope at the World Cup, Holland has raised our spirits again.

The former Ireland and Ipswich Town midfielder had his finest moment in a green jersey 14 years ago when he harpooned home a belter against Cameroon to secure a 1-1 draw.

Holland is over in Bordeaux for Ireland’s Euro 2016 group match against Belgium and he was the centre of attention last night.

He was serenaded by the Irish hordes as he surveyed scenes from a balcony in the apartment rented by the Off The Ball gang.

Holland lorded it up, and rightly so.

He was definitely the most popular man on a balcony since that legend up in Paris:

Later that night, or this morning, Holland kept her lit and partied the night away with the Irish fans.

There’s only one Matty Holland. Thank God because he’s enough to keep up with.


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