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14th Apr 2017

WATCH: Match in England delayed due to ‘pig’ pitch invasion

We love the creativity

Sean McMahon

This is an interesting form of protest, to say the least.

Over the past number of years, we increasingly see protest demonstrations from supporters either against the manager or owners of football clubs.

Arsenal are probably the most recent and high-profile example of this with the Gunners’ fanbase becoming increasingly frustrated with Arsene Wenger’s tenure at the club.

We all remember the consistent protests from Newcastle fans over the last number of seasons.

Their ire was mostly aimed at the controversial owner, Mike Ashley, but Alan Pardew and other managers such as Joe Kinnear before him (Jesus, remember that?!) also received a frosty reception.

However, protests such as these are not just confined to English football’s highest tier.

It also takes place in the lower divisions.

The latest, and perhaps oddest, example of this came in the League 1 clash between Coventry City and Charlton Atheltic.

Both former Premier League sides, the two teams have had a dramatic fall from grace since their days in England’s top flight.

They now find themselves languishing in the bottom of League 1, with Coventry rock bottom of the pile.

Both sets of fans have conducted a joint demonstration today against their respective club owners.

This protest, however, is a little bit different, in the fact that it involved throwing plastic pigs onto the playing surface.

Check it out below.

Kick off was delayed for about seven or eight minutes before the pitch was cleared and the referee started the game….

…only for the same thing to happen again with the pigs making another appearance onto the pitch.

According to the Coventry Telegraph, a protest like this actually occurred earlier in the season at The Valley between the same sets of fans.

Just another day in the crazy world of English football.