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12th Mar 2017

WATCH: Fans were absolutely captivated by MLS attempt to play soccer in the snow

Peculiar sight

Ben Kiely

The halftime oranges will have turned into Calippos in this weather.

Minnesota United FC welcomed Atlanta United FC to their icy fortress on Sunday night, and it was pretty damn cool.

Sorry, did we say ‘cool’? We meant absolutely freezing.

Remarkably, the fixture went ahead despite the fact that it was snowing rather heavily which ended up covering the entire pitch in a blanket of the white stuff. It seems that an orange ball, long-sleeve shirts and gloves were enough to allow the game to play out, even if it looked a bit strange.

You would think that such extreme conditions would suit the home side, but it was the visitors who took an early lead.

Whether they were just eager to start running and warm up to combat the freezing conditions remains to be seen.

Unsurprisingly, the snow was the talk of Twitter on Sunday night. With not much else going on in the sporting world at that time, it was the perfect opportunity for the MLS to gain some attention from afar.

Even if people were only tuning in to witness the novelty of a football match being played on snow.

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