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06th Feb 2016

WATCH: Bravest (most stupid) fan in England decides to start fighting the entire away end

What was he thinking?

Darragh Murphy

We all know a hard man who thinks he can take the world on.

But usually it’s all bravado and it’s rare that said hard man actually attempts to prove that he can do so.

That wasn’t the case with this lunatic Southend fan who felt so confident in his boxing that he decided to take on the entire away end at Roots Hall.

The Essex derby descended into ugly scenes when the supporter jumped the hoardings and sprinted to the travelling Colchester supporters.

He arrived at the front row and started swinging before the stewards could pour water on the fiery situation.

Southend may have won 3-0 on the day but this fan will definitely have left a sour taste in the mouths of all the non-troublemaking fans.

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