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10th Mar 2017

WATCH: Angry fan struck by Thiago Motta’s car following Barcelona humiliation

The fan was reportedly hospitalised

Ben Kiely

There were very silly scenes outside Le Bourget airport following Barcelona’s hammering of Paris Saint-Germain.

An angry mob waited outside the Parisian airport for the PSG players on Wednesday night after their 6-1 capitulation in Barcelona, and as is often the case when angry mobs show up, things turned sour very quickly.

The group surrounded Thiago Motta’s car outside the airport as the Italian international was trying to leave. A video has emerged of Motta allegedly driving his car in the direction of one of the fans, and bumping into him at a snail’s pace.

You can see from the video below that the collision doesn’t look like much, although there are reports circulating that the fan had to be hospitalised after being left with a ‘wound on his back.’

The club released the following statement regarding the incident.

“The players were confronted and threatened by several individuals at Bourget Airport, despite the club and authorities reinforcing security.”

“These individuals verbally insulted the players before vandalising their cars. Several vehicles were damaged.”

“One individual was struck by a car trying to escape the crowd that was physically threatening the players and their families. A police investigation is under way to establish exactly what happened.”

“The club, and all those present, have informed the investigators of their readiness to help the investigation, to get to the bottom of this regrettable incident.”