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20th Jul 2016

Was this Manchester United youngster’s deleted tweet a swipe at Jose Mourinho?

Not happy...

Simon Lloyd

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll appreciate how bloody annoying it is when someone posts one of those attention-seeking cryptic status updates.

Sometimes its by way of an angry-face emoji, other times it’s slightly more long-winded and reads something like ‘Never been so upset…’ That sort of thing.

Before long, there’s plenty of ‘U ok hun?’ / ‘I’m here if u need me’-type replies in the comments below.

Of course, the person never *actually* reveals what it’s all about. Replying ‘Can’t tell u on here‘ to their concerned friends is as near as you’ll get to ever finding out what the matter was.

It now seems that professional footballers are just as prone to this sort of thing, judging by the one word tweet sent by Manchester United youngster, Joe Riley.

‘Shambles’, read the tweet, which was later deleted from the 19-year-old’s account.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 18.54.08

It’s worth stressing that at this stage, nobody has a clue what is quite so shambolic about the life of Riley – although many were quick to suggest it might be a certain Jose Mourinho’s decision not to take the youngster on United’s tour of China.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 18.54.21

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 18.54.42

Riley made his first-team debut for United last season as a half-time substitute in the FA Cup match at Shrewsbury. Days later, Louis van Gaal handed him his first start for the club in United’s Europa League home tie with FC Midtjylland.

With some of United’s squad not scheduled to take part in the tour after their Euro 2016 campaigns, perhaps he might well have felt hard done by to be missing out on the trip.

If he’s not careful, people will start saying Jose Mourinho doesn’t give young players that many opportunities to play first team football…

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