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02nd Sep 2021

Virgil van Dijk pushes fan who storms him for a selfie during interview

Danny Jones

Lens hogger

The international break might not always get everyone off their seat, but there’s occasionally some noteworthy moments: Cristiano Ronaldo becoming the all-time international goalscorer, for instance.

Another one that gave us a bit of a chuckle last night was Virgil van Dijk being rushed by a fan who had run onto the pitch during the Norway vs Netherlands post-match. The bloke seemed mostly harmless aside from the fact he seemed to forget we remain in the midst of a pandemic, but the Liverpool captain was focused on his press duties.

As a result, he gave the little lad a bit of a nudge.

In fairness, he handled it pretty well considering this is essentially a stranger running up to you and you have no idea what kind of character you might have on your hands. Who knows whether the bloke managed to get his selfie in the end but that’s the price you pay when you corner your national captain when he’s still on the job.

Moreover, if you listen in, van Dijk does say please, so it’s more of a polite push than anything.

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