Vine: Manuel Neuer, oh how we've missed you 4 years ago

Vine: Manuel Neuer, oh how we've missed you

It's never a dull game when Manuel Neuer's between the posts.

The German shot-stopper is back and fans will be delighted to know that he's up to his old tricks again.

Neuer was in flying form during Bayern Munich's penalty shoot-out loss to Wolfsburg in the German Super Cup on Saturday evening, The man who's responsible for more German heart attacks than *insert appropriate, non-racist reference here* nearly sent his manager into cardiac arrest a couple of times during the game.

The first time he charged off his line into No Man's Land, everything went swimmingly for the keeper.

The second time, he was extremely fortunate and had to rely on Kevin De Bruyne "pulling a Torres" to spare his blushes.