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30th Apr 2015

Vine: It’s official, the greatest Panenka in football history was scored by Lionel Messi

All other Panenkas pale in comparison

Ben Kiely

Proof doesn’t get much more definitive than this.

Messi had football fans swooning across the globe for his audacious Panenka for Barcelona at the weekend. His spot-kick got the ball rolling (or delicately floating) during Barca’s 6-0 hammering over Getafe.

The penalty was so good that its inventor has declared it to be the best he’s ever seen.

Antonin Panenka, who gave birth to the Panenka at the 1976 European Championship final, could not speak more highly of  the Argentine’s effort against Getafe.

Speaking to Rac1, Panenka revealed his admiration for Messi’s spot-kick.

“I’m happy that players try and do Panenka penalties. I’m also happy that journalists talk about them and that fans enjoy them.”

“The execution of Messi’s was the best I have ever seen.”

“Footballers like Ramos, Totti and Zidane have also taken a Panenka penalty. But Messi’s is the best of them all.”

High praise indeed, from the man who started it all.

Hat-tip to SPORT

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