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03rd Feb 2015

VIDEOS: West Ham players go all 1990s hip-hop for tribute act in aid of charity

Nolan looks more Scouse than "Run's House"

Darragh Murphy

Meet the band … A Tribe Called West.

On the bass … “Cheikhou self before you wreck yourself” Kouyate

Tickling the ivories … Mr Kevin Nolan

Stirring the soup … Stewart “Down-with-it” Downing

Spinning that s**t … Marky Mark Noble

And spitting mad vocals … Alex “Think of a better” Song

This quintet of Hammers went all Run-DMC as they looked to raise money for NSPCC & the National Austistic Society.

In a series of videos, released by “frontman” Alex Song on Instagram, we see the bizarre dream that could only come from the mind of a mad genius such as Sam Allardyce.

The group of West Ham swap their bubble-blowing for lyric-spitting all in the name of a good cause and, while we might not be buying their record any time soon, the effort is very much worth applauding.

H/t to Daily Mail