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11th Jan 2016

VIDEO: Luke Shaw’s FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is frighteningly good


If you’ve ever wondered what footballers do when they’re out injured, it might not surprise you to find out the answer is play a f**k load of FIFA.

Luke Shaw hasn’t played a minute for Manchester United since suffering a horrific double leg break back in September, so he’s had plenty of time to build up his Ultimate Team on FIFA 16.

The full-back has built up one hell of a team during that time, including a variety of legends and a even himself playing in midfield to accommodate Roberto Carlos at left-back.


YouTuber Bateson87 was allowed access to Shaw’s team for our viewing pleasure and gave us an extended look at Shaw’s special edition of himself.

EA Sports apparently provide footballers these special versions of themselves if they get in touch, and the former Southampton defender looks particularly powerful as he boasts a 95 overall rating.

With his pace and dribbling powers in excess of 90 – not to mention a higher attacking work rate than his defensive one – it’s no wonder Shaw has switched himself to midfield. Though his relationship with former United man Cristiano Ronaldo still needs some work.

Shaw FUT Card

You can take a full tour of the team below, with a run through of his bench including such quality as Gary Neville, Michael Owen and a goalscoring Jens Lehmann – as well as Mauricio Pochettino as manager.

With Shaw’s injury occurring on September 15, and most of his legends being acquired on September 24, it’s fair to say that the 20-year-old has been using the game as a distraction.

Just try not to drool too much at the though of George Best and Pele supplying ball to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

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