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10th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Jamie Vardy celebrates FIFA 16 rating upgrade by smashing old ratings with headbutt

The man does what he wants

Simon Lloyd

Few would have predicted Leicester City’s push for the Premier League title.

Similarly, not many expected Jamie Vardy to make a a record-breaking goal-scoring contribution to the Foxes’ title push.

EA Sports, makers of FIFA 16, have also been caught cold by the former Stocksbridge Park Steels forward’s incredible scoring run, and have been forced to revise the rating Vardy was initially given at the start of the season.

To mark the occasion, Vardy was asked to pose with two cards. One displayed his old FIFA ratings, and the other showed the updated version.

Clearly unimpressed by the inaccuracy of the original ratings, Vardy decided to smash the card to smithereens with a solid headbutt.

With the old FIFA ratings clearly chatting statistical sh*t, it’s no surprise they got banged…

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