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08th Oct 2015

VIDEO: German mascot at the Ireland game is the coolest man in the Aviva

An awful winker

Darragh Murphy

It takes a great deal to rattle this young mascot.

While nails were being gnawed and hands wrung around the Aviva Stadium, this German team mascot was as cool as Andrea Pirlo in a snowstorm tucking into a Mr Freeze.

Eoin O’Dwyer, and 11-year-old, from Mullinahone in Tipperary, smugly dropped a wink as the German national anthem rang out as if to say “no panic lads, I’ve got this.”

And it turns out Eoin is from the neighbouring parish to Shane Long. There must be something in the water down there that keeps everyone calm on the big occasion.

Thanks to Eoin’s sister Nicola for providing the update for this piece. And well done on the All Ireland Under 14s triumph in June!

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