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26th Dec 2014

Video: Fantastic compilation of Soccer Saturday’s funniest moments of the season

Unbelievable Jeff!

Ben Kiely

Warning: contains multiple scenes of Jeff Stelling completely losing his shit

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you could probably sit down and be entertained by Soccer Saturday. The show encapsulates everything that is so wonderful about live television, i.e. Murphy’s Law. Some of the best moments in the programme’s history have been completely unintentional, and this season there’s been plenty of these moments.

As a sort of late Christmas present, the good folk at Sky Sports have released this side-splitting compilation of the show’s most hilarious bits of the 2014/15 season so far. As you can see from the footage, they’ve maintained their standard of excellence and kept producing comedy gold this year. Highlights include the always ludicrously animated goal celebrations, Paul Merson’s trademark malapropisms and pretty much everything Chris Kamara does. Enjoy!

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