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23rd Apr 2016

VIDEO: Everton and Manchester United fans brawl ahead of FA Cup clash

There's no place for this

Carl Anka

It’s an uneasy watch, this.

Everton and Manchester United fans have clashed in a series of messy fights while on the way to Wembley for their FA Cup semi-final match.

A number of fans took to social media to upload videos of brawls that have broken out between rival fans at a series of coach stops in Staffordshire.

Punches broke out between at least three young men in a scuffle at Cannock coach services in Staffordshire at around 11am.

In the videos uploaded one man appears to be knocked out after being punched. Pyro was thrown between the rival groups of fans as tempers continue to flare.

Commenting on the video a witness said: “the Everton lad ended up in a bad way. I didn’t see the fight but I saw him struggling to get to his feet afterwards”.

Another added: “At the services…..kick offs at Cannock….blood spilt!!!!”

A spokesperson for Staffordshire Police confirmed they were called to a disturbance at the services, but found the incident to be over by the time officers arrived on scene. No arrests were made.

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