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09th Mar 2016

VIDEO: Bayern Munich’s one touch game will have Europe quaking in its boots

Kevin McGillicuddy

We knew Bayern Munich were good, but this is just starting to get silly.

The German champions, who face Juventus for a place in the Champions League quarter-finals, have looked irrepressible at times under Pep Guardiola.

And while the coach might be on his way to Manchester City at the end of the season, Bayern’s squad are very much singing the tune of their outgoing boss.


A regular feature of the club’s training sessions is the rondo, essentially a one-touch version of piggy-in-the-middle, to the uninitiated.

With seven of the German club’s stars looking to keep the ball away from two of their team-mates, how many touches do you reckon they could achieve before an interception?

10? 15? 25? Try 61.

We can’t wait for Guardiola to try this with some of City’s more…let’s say ‘industrial’…first-teamers.

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