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04th Jan 2022

Unvaccinated players should have their salaries cut, says Fabio Capello

Daniel Brown

‘He who doesn’t get the vaccine causes damage to society and should see his salary reduced.’

Fabio Capello has claimed that players who refuse to receive the coronavirus vaccine should have their salaries reduced.

The Italian government recently made the decision to make the Covid-19 vaccine compulsory for all athletes – both professional and amateur players – wanting to play outdoor team sports.

From January 10 onwards, all players in Italy will be required to be vaccinated as the county tightens its rules following the ongoing threat of the Omicron variant.

Up to 98 per cent of footballers in Serie A have already been vaccinated, as per La Gazzetta dello Sport, significantly higher than the Premier League’s vaccination, which reportedly stands at 84%.

The former England manager has since stated that those who refuse to receive the vaccine should have their wages lowered.

“I can imagine the footballers’ sources,” Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport, as per Football Italia.

“Not getting the vaccine is an act of selfishness and if police officers are obliged to do so, I don’t see why footballers should be excluded (from sanction).

“He who doesn’t get the vaccine causes damage to society and should see his salary reduced.”

With Serie A resuming on Thursday following a winter break, Capello believes that it is unlikely the season will be suspended – especially because vaccinations are now mandatory for players.

“I don’t think Serie A will stop,” he added.

“Those who are vaccinated contract the virus in a lighter way and don’t take as long to recover.

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